element building


thoughtful design

For starters, element will help you determine what you are going to build and figure out a budget and plan to make it happen. You will be able to choose from our Plan Book Library or work with our element Design Team to Design-Engineer your personal design idea.

  • The element Plan Book library carries pricing and allows the construction budgeting process to move ahead quickly.

  • The Design-Engineer process requires more time and effort for all parties to understand what is actually wanted and what it is going to cost. In this case, the Design Team is commissioned and works with the estimating department to provide preliminary pricing. After the approval of preliminary, then we can move ahead with the completion of engineered plans and pricing. While the design is being finalized and permit plans are being produced, you will be moving ahead with your finances and your choice of building professionals. We will coordinate with you and put your project on schedule to go to our Fabrication Department then on to our Supply Department for timely delivery on your building site

precision fabrication

Our proven element Design-Fabricate-Supply philosophy minimizes the need for capital equipment and provides support that creates efficiencies. As a job is scheduled and received by the Fabricating Department, it is accompanied by permitted plans, shop drawings of SIPs and Y-Connect components, and Purchase Orders for all other materials to be supplied as part of the package.

The Job progresses through fabrication, starting with the SIPs being cut, detailed, and numbered, then stacked, wrapped, and stored outside ready for delivery. Y-Connect components are gathered from stock or delivered from contract manufacturers to the distributor as part of the total job. Some job-site specific adjustments of stocked Y-Connect Components are best able to be completed by the fabrication department. Due to the durable nature of SIPs panels and Y-Connect components, with minimal packaging they can be stored outside while waiting scheduled delivery. 

timely supply

The element supply department offers timely, efficient delivery for rapid, expert installation.


Turn to our element builder™ network of skilled, licensed contractors to put it all together. In Florida, contact, Florida Allternative Builders (FABs), based in Fort Myers and serving customers across Florida and the Caribbean.

Interested in joining our element builder™ network? Let's talk!